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Treatment Plan

Trauma Therapy

Part of your therapeutic plan will address any underlying traumas head-on, to begin dealing with them and your recovery. Your individualized therapeutic plan will focus on addressing any trauma in your past, and our trained and experienced staff will modify and adapt your program to directly fit your needs.

Family Therapy

Upon starting treatment, our staff will assess your family situation and begin reaching out to loved ones if appropriate. We are dedicated to working with you and your loved ones, emphasizing psychoeducation, examining codependency and learning successful strategies to build a foundation for success.

Group Therapy

By tailoring our alcohol rehab program to the individual needs of our clients, we work to ensure that tou or your loved one recieves all the tools that you need in order to achieve a long lasting and successful recovery.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) focuses on you learning effective, healthy, and safe ways to identify and deal with stress or other triggers. As you move through your treatment plan with us, the therapy will help you get used to dealing with stress in a positive manner, without resorting to unhealthy habits.

Full Continuum of Care

Wellness Counseling & Residential Detox has fully licensed staff at their facility as well as all partner facilities to help deliver top quality care to each and every patient through their journey in treatment. We strive to provide a full of continuum to our clients that is unique to their individual needs.

Co-occurring Diagnosis

Co-occurring substance abuse issues and severe mental health disorders are a significant factor in determining your treatment plan. If you need dual diagnosis care, your treatment plan will be built around your needs. At our treatment centers you will have access to psychiatric care & the proper medications to keep you well.

Wellness Counseling & Residential Detox

Wellness Counseling & Residential Detox provides a supportive, comfortable, and nurturing environment for those who are ready to break free from an addiction to alcohol. We follow this with our Residential Treatment program, which makes use of evidence-based treatment and therapy. We ease the physical and psychological discomfort associated with withdrawal during detox and then address core issues through therapy.

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To improve the probability of long-lasting recovery and battle the country’s severe addiction epidemic, Wellness Counseling & Residential Detox sets out to address the crisis from multiple angles. Utilizing hard-earned expertise and the strategies that have led to our success, we are constantly called upon by other industry professionals for guidance and advice, which we gladly provide in order to do our part in ending the nationwide substance abuse epidemic.

Client Testimonials

Steve M.

“Nothing but good things to say about Wellness Detox. I was there a week, got off opiates, then went to a drug rehabilitation center for a few more weeks.
Hands down best decision of my life! Really grateful for this place!” – Steve
*Individual results may vary.”

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